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About Us

Ann Carranza

The Idea

It’s fair to say that the world of temporary phone numbers has become huge. Perhaps even over-saturated. It may even beg the question ‘why create another one?’, yet that specific question is relatively easy to answer.

So many people – even those close to us personally – have been looking for an honest service whereby one can use a temporary number to receive SMS online, without having to pay an extortionate price and without having to spend ages inputting their personal details in order to register. After all, we all deserve a bit of privacy whilst online, right? So it got us thinking…

What if we – a small US-based team of digital experts – could create something real, something honest, and something USEFUL? No click-bait, no ridiculous overpricing, no impossible-to-use site. Could we? Would it be possible?

Guess what? It was 🙂 

The Product

So there we had it. We knew what we wanted to create, the question was, could we make it a reality? Could we offer people the opportunity of accessing temporary numbers to use online in an effort to save them from having to compromise on their confidentiality and privacy? And could we make it affordable and user-friendly? After months and months of working through the night (that’s dedication for you!), we finally fine-tuned our service to be able to offer:

  • The use of temporary phone numbers from around the globe, including country codes from the US, the UK, Ireland, Lithuania, and the Netherlands
  • An extremely user-friendly site with fast-receiving numbers and limited ads
  • A service that takes a matter of minutes to use from start to finish
  • A totally registration-free service, meaning no need to enter name, email, or number
  • And last but certainly by no means least: an entirely FREE service!

The Team

The idea wouldn’t have been an idea if it wasn’t for Ann Carranza – TemporaryNumber’s founder and CEO. An experienced software engineer, developer, and lecturer, Ann has always sought to find new, innovative methods of adapting to the digital world. But not just any innovative methods, ones that benefit people, ones that don’t seek to rip people off, and ones that offer genuine solutions to the everyday digital issues that most of us face. Hailing from Texas, Ann has worked for many leading tech companies over the years and worked hard to get to where she is. Now the head of TemporaryNumber, she strives to improve the online SMS field for everyone, regardless of where they may be from or why they may need to use such a service. 

The Mission

Our mission is basically our initial idea, just heightened and developed. Every day, we get bigger and bigger in terms of the number of people we attract and in terms of the service we offer. As it stands, we have literally hundreds of different numbers available to use, all of which are high-performing, with no lags or delays. We have included numbers from both North America and Europe, and have made sure that all of our numbers are accessible to every single person, regardless of their location. So, put simply, we’re living our mission. Our mission is maintained every single day that we continue on this journey, so why not come along with us?