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Receive SMS Online on Slovenian Number

Looking to receive SMS online on a number from Slovenia? We got you. View the full range of our Slovenian numbers on our website, all of which are totally free to use. What’s more, it takes mere minutes to receive your SMS verification on a number from Slovenia- or any other number we have on our site. Why compromise your security? Using our numbers means you don’t have to fall victim to online tracking and sales and marketing issues, try it today to see the benefits for yourself!

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Why Use An Online Number & Not My Own?

Using a temporary number on our site has many benefits. In order to understand what these are, it’s first important to look at the problem of using your own number to receive SMS verification.

  • It compromises your privacy: this is because your number will be saved for sales and marketing use, meaning they will contact you by both call and text to try to advertise other services to you, most of which you probably won’t be interested in.
  • It reduces your security: did you know that your number is often used to track the other apps and services you’ve signed up with? While shocking, this is commonplace when entering your number online, and gives them a better idea of what services to try to sell to you. 

Yet, using an online number from Slovenia or any other country on our website means that you won’t ever have to accept the lack of privacy or security again. Further benefits include:

  • No need for a SIM: Whether you’re waiting for a new SIM card or you simply don’t have one, it’s not a problem when you use one of our numbers as all messages are received online and aren’t reliant on your number. 
  • Doesn’t matter if you have no mobile signal: all of the messages received on our numbers are received over WiFi, so having to be concerned about having enough signal strength to receive your verification message is a thing of the past!


Hundreds of Different Numbers from Slovenia

With our service, you’ll never be limited to just one or two numbers. We have a large database of different numbers from Slovenia, all ready for you to use to receive SMS online. Whether you’re in Slovenia or not, you’re free to use our numbers from there or any other country-code we have on our site. All you’ll need is an internet connection and a device to add it on. Simple, quick and free!


Why Receive SMS Online on A Slovenian Number?

There are many reasons for choosing to receive SMS verification messages on Slovenian numbers. Yet, the most common reason is to access local services that perhaps only can be accessed from Slovenia (or rather, on a Slovenian number). So perhaps you want to open a Slovenian Netflix account, or register for a Slovenian social media app- whatever your own individual reason, you can use any number on our website to receive your online SMS verification message!


Is It Free To Use A Temporary Number from Slovenia?

It is totally free to use any number on our website, regardless of which country code you choose to use. And when we say free, we really mean it! We are well aware that a lot of different companies will claim to be free, only to charge you for use of their numbers. Some others only offer free trials. Yet, it’s very rare to find a service that is totally free to use, from beginning to end! We won’t ask you for any credit card details whatsoever, and you’re free to use our numbers however often you want, all with peace of mind in knowing that you’ll never be asked to pay a cent.


Do I Need To Register?

Not only is our service totally free to use, there is also no registration required. This means that we won’t ask you for ANY personal identifiable details whatsoever – no name, email and, of course, no number. We understand the fact that you look to use our service to protect this information, so it would make no sense for us to ask you for them. 


What Services Can I Register for Using A Temporary Number from Slovenia?

You can use our numbers from Slovenia for any service you wish to register to use, but most choose to use them for services that are specific to that country. The apps you’re able to register with using our numbers include but are not limited to:

  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok
  • Online dating: Tinder, Grindr 
  • Career apps: LinkedIn
  • Email: Gmail, Outlook 
  • Chat apps: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Messenger
  • Slovenian apps that require a local number for registration


Are There Numbers from Other Countries Too?

Absolutely. Slovenia is just one of the countries that we have numbers from. There are also numbers with American, British and Irish country codes, too. All of our numbers are totally free to use and have no restrictions. You may choose to use a Slovenian number to sign up for one service, and an American number for another – it’s totally up to you. 


How Do I Access Online Numbers from Slovenia?

It is super easy to use our online numbers. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Go onto the TemporaryNumber website using a secure internet connection
  2. Once on the website, scroll down to the Slovenian number you want to use and click on it, making sure it’s listed as ‘online’
  3. Enter this number into the app or online service you want to register with when prompted by them
  4. Wait for your message to be received on our website under that number. If the SMS hasn’t been received within a minute or so, refresh the page to access. 

And that’s it! Four simple steps is all it takes to receive your SMS verification message. Don’t forget that you can use however many numbers you wish, however many times you wish! You’ll never be asked to pay or enter any personal details at all. 

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